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About Our Company

WIELAND is a vibrant, dynamic and growing commercial construction company with multiple office locations throughout the United States. With a clear Mission, Vision and Core Values, WIELAND is poised to enter its sixth decade with the same optimism and entrepreneurial spirit on which it was founded in 1958.

Today WIELAND is truly a national and global commercial corporation. You can find WIELAND employees building a major biomedical facility in San Diego, a sophisticated paper recycling mill in Indiana, a LEED-Certified office headquarters in Michigan, or a major manufacturing center in Louisiana. WIELAND employees operate out of one of three offices, but it is not unusual for its employees to be in 10-12 states, performing work for repeat clients throughout North America.

At the heart of WIELAND is its laser-like focus on customer satisfaction. “It is only because of our customers that our company exists,” says our CEO, Ed Lorenz.  “The heart of our mission is to always hear that constant voice whispering in our ear: ‘Am I doing everything I can to satisfy my customer?’ This is the essence of WIELAND.”


Our Mission

In 2012 the employees of WIELAND helped formulate and then officially adopted the company’s first-ever Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Core Value. This undertaking was preceded by a comprehensive survey of every single WIELAND employee, and the results of those surveys were the seeds of the Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Today WIELAND’s employees carry the Mission, Vision and Core Values from their office to their job site – both literally and figuratively! “It was important for me to know that every single one of our employees carries a business-card sized copy of our Mission and Core Values,” says CEO, Ed Lorenz. “We never want our people to forget why we’re here or who we are here to serve.”

WIELAND's Mission

“WIELAND is dedicated to finding and serving lifelong clients through excellence in construction. We develop loyal customers through relentless customer service and empower our employees to transform our clients into our champions.”

WIELAND's Core Values


   – Solve problems before they become problems

   – Tell the Truth

   – Retain customers by going where they go

   – Identify and hire the best people

   – Value our employees as family

   – Excel by outworking our competition

Our Clients
  • Agro Culture LIQUID Fertilizer
  • Bombardier
  • Bridgestone America
  • Brose North America
  • Cessna Aircraft
  • Commercial Net Lease Properties
  • Continental Properties
  • Dart Container Corporation
  • Dart Development Corporation
  • Gannett News Corporation
  • General Mills
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Graphic Packaging
  • Intier Automotive
  • Kellogg Corporation
  • Magna Automotive
  • Mahle Corporation
  • North Caddo Medical Clinic
  • Performance Proppants
  • Pratt Paper and Recycling
  • Rio Ammunition
  • Sparrow Health Systems
  • Spartan Motors
  • Ternium Steel Corporation
  • United Facilities
  • Voxx International
  • WestPac Development